Duke University is highly proactive in maintaining a safe and secure environment for students, staff, faculty, visitors and patients. As part of its comprehensive law enforcement approach, Duke has established an effective investigations team to solve and track crimes and prevent repeat offenses.

Duke investigators routinely collaborate with the Durham Police Department, Durham County Sheriff’s Office, Alcohol Beverage Control Enforcement and other state and federal law enforcement agencies. The team also works closely with the Duke’s Women's Center, Counseling & Psychological Services and the Office of Student Conduct to provide victim assistance services.

The Investigations Unit has five full-time investigators supervised by Captain Greg Stotsenberg. For information about investigations, call (919) 684-2444 or send e-mail to Greg.Stotsenberg@duke.edu

Meet the Investigations Unit

Investigations Captain Greg Stotsenberg

Contact: Greg.Stotsenberg@duke.edu

Investigations Sergeant Jason Griffin

Contact: Jason.W.Griffin@duke.edu

Investigations Corporal William Higgins

Contact: William.Higgins@duke.edu

Investigator Jefferson Frisbie

Contact: Jefferson.Frisbie@duke.edu

Investigator Arthur Holland

Contact: Arthur.Holland@duke.edu

Investigator Ashley Haskins

Contact: Ashley.Haskins@duke.edu

Reporting a Crime

You are strongly encouraged to report campus crimes in a timely manner to Duke Police at 9-1-1 or (919) 684-2444. Timely reporting of information assists us in apprehending suspects. You may also report crimes anonymously through Crimestoppers or Silent Witness.