Duke Police provides fingerprinting services for Duke-affiliated persons who require security clearance for certain campus areas or background checks to obtain medical and law board licenses. Duke-affiliated persons include:

  • students
  • faculty
  • staff

Fingerprinting will be performed by appointment. If you are Duke-affiliated, you may schedule an appointment by using this Bookings form. Please note that we now offer fingerprinting through the "LiveScan" process.

Please do not make more than one appointment without prior approval. To ensure availability to all of the Duke Community, we may cancel appointments for those who book multiple appointments without approval. If you have trouble with the form or questions, email

If our service times do not meet your schedule, and you have a N.C. driver's license, you may also contact the Durham County Sheriff's Office (DCSO) at (919) 560-0898. The DCSO is located at 510 South Dillard Street, Durham, NC. If you do not have a N.C. driver's license, you may contact Wake Correctional Center (WCC) at (919) 856-6300. WCC is located at 3301 Hammond Road, Raleigh, NC. Note that both DCSO and WCC charge a fee for this service.

Below are links to other options for fingerprinting services.


  • Come to Duke Police Department at 502 Oregon Street, Durham (on Central Campus, off Erwin Rd.)
  • In the upper side lot (the lot where Police cars are parked), park in one of the two visitor spots that are directly in front of the sidewalk leading to the front of the building. "VISITOR" is very lightly marked on the pavement.
  • Use the walkway leading to the front to go downstairs (lower street level)