Duke Police Safety Escorts

During the hours of darkness, Duke Police offers Safety Escorts for students and employees on campus and at the Duke Hospital. In addition, Duke Police has strategically stationed security officers at bus stops around West, East and Central Campuses and the Blue Zone parking lot. Simply ask one of these officers to walk you to your destination. If a security officer is not stationed where you are beginning your walk, you may request an escort by calling 919-684-2444 or picking up a nearby Help Phone.

For both Duke Police escorts and friend escort use the Duke LiveSafe Mobile App. Within LiveSafe, the ‘SafeWalk’ feature allows friends and family to “safe walk” a user to his or her destination by tracking the individual virtually on a map to ensure they arrive safely. Use the ‘Emergency Contact’ feature to contact Duke Police directly for an escort.

Request an Escort

  • Call 919-684-2444
  • Pick up a nearby Help Phone
  • Use the ‘Emergency Contact’ feature on LiveSafe