I Yield for Blue Devils Program

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Campus safety is a shared responsibility, which is why it's on all of us to keep pedestrians safe on campus.

Whether on a bike, running or walking, pedestrians have the right to feel comfortable at Duke. As motorists, our commitment to follow traffic laws plays a significant role in enhancing road safety.

By joining the "Yield to Blue Devils" program, you pledge to set an example for others while helping students, faculty, staff and visitors. Promising to do your part is easy:

  • Drive within the speed limit.
  • Stop at all stop signs.
  • Stop at all red lights.
  • Stop to let pedestrians cross the street.
  • Share the road responsibly with bicyclists and motorists.

By agreeing to these steps, you'll join other Duke community members in keeping campus safe. You'll also receive an "I Yield to Blue Devils" sticker to display on your vehicle or laptop to show you're doing your part.

I pledge to drive safe and yield to Blue Devils

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2,024 people have signed the pledge so far!