Duke Police officer in squad car

It is the mission of the Duke University Police Department to protect and serve the people and property of Duke. We are guardians of a community of world class education, research and healthcare and must prevent violence, reduce fear, and build relationships.

In carrying out this stated mission, all members of the department strive to embrace the following core values:

Service: Basis of our profession.

  • Help others;
  • Solve problems;
  • Anticipate needs.

Integrity: Do the right thing.

  • Be honest in word and deed;
  • Follow the law and policies.

Respect: Treat others with fairness and dignity.

  • Tell people "why";
  • Be fair, impartial, consistent;
  • Respect others and the diversity of our community;
  • Be evenhanded: use the appropriate amount of force and authority.

Teamwork: Work with others.

  • Keep others informed;
  • Create a work environment conducive to excellence;
  • Put the good of the community first.

Pride: Duke is Top 10.

  • Know your job;
  • Set the example: bearing interactions, and work;
  • Be the Top 10.