Police & Security Services


Duke police officers are University employees, commissioned by the state of North Carolina. They have authority to carry weapons, issue citations and make arrests just like municipal officers.

Security officers are not armed and do not have authority to issue citations or make arrests.  Duke has its own security squad and hires private security to supplement staff.


Police and security officers with the Duke University Police Department provide 24-hour patrols of campus, including academic areas, medical and research facilities and satellite offices. Police and security officers patrol on foot, bike and vehicle.

Help Phones

There are many “help” phones that dial directly to Duke police emergency dispatchers.

Duke Van Services

Duke faculty, staff and students may request van rides during certain hours and within a specific boundary through Duke's Parking and Transportation Services.

Request Event Security

The Duke University Police Department provides police and security services for special events such as concerts, dignitary visits, commencement, holiday celebrations, student and department social events, athletics and weddings.

Emergency Dispatch

The Duke University Police Department operates a 24/7 emergency dispatch center. If you have an emergency, dial 9-1-1 or (919) 684-2444 to request assistance from our emergency dispatch center, which fields about 50,000 service calls from the public a year.


Duke LiveSafe is a mobile app available for free that offers real-time, two-way communication between Duke community members and the Duke University Police Department. See http://emergency.duke.edu/notified/livesafe/ for more information and how to download this app.


As part of its comprehensive law enforcement approach, Duke has established an effective investigations team to solve and track crimes and prevent repeat offenses.

Honor Guard

For more than 20 years, the Duke University Police Honor Guard has represented Duke at law enforcement funerals and memorials. They also serve as color guard at law enforcement graduations, veteran organization functions and other special events.

Duke Hospital Security

The Duke police department helps maintain a safe and secure environment throughout Duke Hospital. Police and security officers at Duke University Hospital provide around-the-clock security and respond to calls for assistance.


Fingerprinting services are provided by Duke police for students, staff and faculty who require security clearance for certain campus areas or background checks to obtain medical and law board licenses.

Lost & Found

Cell phones, keys and wallets are among the common items that get dropped off at lost and found collections across Duke, including at the Duke University Police Department.