Fingerprinting services are provided by Duke Police for students, staff and faculty who require security clearance for certain campus areas or background checks to obtain medical and law board licenses.

Background checks that include fingerprinting are typically required for medical technicians working in secure labs, physicians applying for medical licenses and students seeking internships with government agencies.

Fingerprints obtained by Duke Police for specific Duke department purposes requiring special security clearances are sent to the appropriate Duke department authority or individual, who then forward the prints to the requesting agency.  Information obtained as a result of fingerprinting is used solely for the purpose of determining access to a specific area or license. Individuals have the right to refuse to be fingerprinted for a background check, but doing so may limit access to secure areas and prevent board licensing.

For other cases, such as for routine medical licensing or for state bar exams, the Duke Police will assist in filling out the fingerprint card and taking the fingerprints, but it is the responsibility of the applicant to submit the completed card to the requiring agency.

Fingerprinting will be performed by appointment regularly on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 1:30 PM and 4 PM.  To schedule an appointment, call (919) 684-4602.   If a department has a need to fingerprint large groups of students or employees, please call ahead at least four (4) weeks in advance so that we can provide this service.

For those persons needing fingerprinting through the "livescan" process, please contact the Durham County Sheriff's Office at 560-0900.  Note that the DCSO charges a fee for this service.