Silent Witness

Duke’s Silent Witness program will provide the Duke community with a way to anonymously report criminal and suspicious activity to Duke police through the website. Silent Witness reports will be anonymous and routed to the investigations unit.  Please note that the Silent Witness program is not meant as a substitute for crimes in progess or for crimes that present a continuing threat to the community:  in such cases, dial 911 to report those crimes immediately.

Confidential reports can also be made through CrimeStoppers, which provides monetary rewards for tips leading to an arrest and indictment of felony crime offenders.

Type of crime occurring:
Where did the crime occur?
Exact location or address where this crime occurred:
Any special dates/times when this crime occurred:
Explain why you suspect crime is being committed at the location:
Suspect's name: (If unknown, please describe the subject, i.e. height, weight, etc.).


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