Victim Assistance

The Duke University Police Department treats all crime victims with dignity, compassion and respect. We work to make sure all crime victims get the assistance and information they need, and we are committed to doing our best to help you. The experience of being a victim of crime is different for each person. It may involve physical injury, emotional turmoil or financial loss.

Contact Duke Police at (919) 684-2444 for help, information about your options and referrals to local services.

What to Expect

As a victim of crime, you are likely to experience feelings of shock, fear, anger, helplessness, and confusion. These reactions are a normal response to crime, whether it is a personal injury or a property crime.

Recovering From a Crime

Whether you’re a student, faculty or staff at Duke, counseling options are available if you are a victim of a crime, or witness a crime.


Duke takes reports of harassment seriously and each report will be investigated fully.