Safety Videos

Watch these Duke Police safety videos:

A Shared Responsibility: Safety at Duke

Duke student Brea Davenport and Duke Police Chief John Dailey, share helpful tips on how members of the Duke community can stay safe by taking advantage of safety resources at Duke.

Personal Safety at Duke

Duke graduate student Kevin Jones and members of the Duke University Police Department, share helpful tips on how members of the Duke community can make sure to stay safe on and around campus, as well as while hanging out with friends.

Keeping Property Safe

Student David Kim shares his story of having his laptop stolen while he was studying in Perkins Library. Duke Police Lt. Greg Stotsenberg also shares advice on how to protect personal property.

Staying Safe on the Roads: Bike Safety

With more students and employees biking to and around Duke, it's a good idea to remember simple steps to increase personal safety while riding a bike.

In Honor of the Fallen

In May 2010, three members of the Duke University Police Department rode more than 250 miles from Virginia to Washington, D.C. as part of the Law Enforcement United Road to Hope. In honor of former Duke Police officer Charles J. Callemyn, who died in 2007, and other fallen officers, Duke sergeants Mark Faust and David Johnson and Lt. Rekayi Isley formed "Team Duke" and were among more than a thousand riders from across the country who came together for the ride. The Duke officers raised more than $6,500 for charity as part of the ride.

Patrolling on a Segway

Duke Police are able to patrol campus in a unique way by hoping on Segways - two-wheeled vehicles. In addition to being emission-free, officers say it helps them meet and greet members of the Duke community.