Building Safety/Surveys

The Security Systems unit performs security surveys in University and Health system buildings on a scheduled basis and by request.

Using a safety checklist, officers provide written recommendations to improve safety. For example, overgrown bushes in front of windows can create a potential safety hazard by allowing a place for someone to hide while they are trying to enter a building.

The Security Systems unit is also available to meet with local landlords who rent to Duke community members to discuss ways of enhancing tenants’ security.

Duke departments and others may request a security survey by calling (919) 681-5609.

Safety Designs

The Duke University Police Department operates a Security Systems unit with trained personnel who serve as liaisons with University and Health system architects and engineers to offer detailed security recommendations during renovation and construction of campus buildings.

Security Systems unit consultants provide advice on how to incorporate Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) into new construction projects and building renovations. This process includes the design of the structure and all physical security measures that will be put in place such as security technology such as intrusion alarms and cameras.

They also perform physical security risk and threat assessments as needed to identify possible problems, and develop robust physical and operational solutions to mitigate existing risks.

For more information, call (919) 681-5609.