Chief Dailey message to students about recent robberies

October 15, 2010


Note: The following email message was sent to students on Friday, Oct. 15, 2010.

Dear Student:

During the past few days, two Duke students have been robbed off-campus near LaSalle Street. I am writing to be sure you are aware of these incidents, to update you about how the university is responding and to remind you of steps you can take to enhance your own safety.

Earlier this afternoon I met with Chief Jose Lopez of the Durham Police Department, along with the DPD commanding officer of this area,  and with senior officials from Duke's offices for student affairs, human resources, transportation and communications. Together, we agreed on several actions:

  • Durham Police is immediately increasing its patrols of this area.

  • Duke will immediately extend by two hours the evening operating hours of the off-campus transit route serving LaSalle Street.

  • Durham Police will carry out a lighting assessment of the LaSalle Street area to determine whether more lights should be added on an expedited basis.

  • Officers in both the Durham and Duke Police Departments will continue collaborating in the investigation of these crimes and will be focusing on this area.

If you have any information about the recent incidents, please contact Durham Police at (919) 560-4427, or give Duke Police a call at (919) 684-2444.

Since our departments cannot patrol everywhere at all times, I simultaneously encourage you to review the safety steps on our police website. Be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times, don't walk alone at night and avoid unfamiliar, dimly lit areas. Call Duke Van Services at (919) 684-2020 if you need a ride at night. Don't hesitate to use our blue light safety phones or to call 9-1-1 if you feel unsafe.

There is no higher priority to us than your well-being.  We welcome your concerns and suggestions.

That's the latest. Stay safe -- and have a good weekend.


John Dailey
Duke University Police Chief