Meet Tommy Moose

October 29, 2009Tommy MooseThe Duke University Police Department welcomed a new member to its patrol force Tuesday when Tommy Moose arrived at their headquarters on Oregon Street.

A dozen of the one-foot tall stuffed animals named Tommy were donated to Duke Police by the Hillsborough Moose Lodge. The lodge partners with police and other emergency agencies in Durham and Orange counties to provide the stuffed toys.

Tommy MooseDuke Police Maj. Phyllis Cooper said the stuffed toys will be placed in Duke Police and security patrol cars and will be given to children when an officer responds to an emergency situation involving a child in crisis.

“Having something to give a child during a crisis situation will help them feel less helpless,” Cooper said. “It’s nice to be able to bring a smile to their faces.”

The Hillsborough Moose Lodge has also donated the toys to Duke LifeFlight for the past three years. Glen Taylor, the charities chairman for the Hillsborough Moose Lodge, said they donate between 300 and 400 Tommy Moose toys every year.