Complaints & Commendations

It’s the policy of the Duke University Police Department to treat all members of the public and Duke community with dignity, compassion and respect. Members of the department follow state and federal laws and are expected to perform duties in an efficient, courteous and orderly manner while respecting the rights of everyone.

We wish to recognize instances when our employees have been especially helpful or have exceeded expectations in services provided. The Duke police department also reviews allegations of misconduct to assure professional conduct.

Members of the public and Duke community may recognize or initiate a complaint about the conduct of a department employee and police or security officer in the following way:

  • Call Duke police at (919) 684-2444 and ask to speak with the on-duty supervisor.
  • Send e-mail or write the Duke University Police Department, Box 90425, Durham, NC 27708.
  • Visit Duke police headquarters at 502 Oregon St., Durham, NC, 27708.

Upon completion of a complaint investigation, the person who filed the complaint will be notified of the general disposition by a chief of police, associate vice president or his or her designee.